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27th October 2006

12:06pm: hmmm feel like i have no friends
but whatever i trie to keep yall as friends but it appears no one cares but i will still try to help yall i got a job thats paying me 18 dollars an hour i started off at 10 and hour last month but they r hiring so if u want a job talk to me
8:14am: im mobile haha ig got a kick ass car
im on da road again but this time legallly
im da man
i havent been in trouble in a long time and asia told me to tell yall hi it
apppears i do still have one friend
but besides that life is good
i love my job at
ford motor comapny as there pc tech
how r yall
do any of you even remeber me
or do yall even care
whats goining on
i gave yall my number 2 posts ago
but no one even left me a comment
so get at me

15th September 2006

12:29am: 1 year down
I have completed a full year of college one more till my associates degree
3 more till my bachelors
al of my old so called friends have forsaken e so i guess im not a part of the crew
my life has changed so much since me and antoinette's old relationship
i have grew out of most of my old views of life and actually started living it
i learned to love again
and tone up my body alot
and i am officially an animator
i create photos and logos for money also if interested emailme at ihenderson@email.itt-tech.edu
and if u really r my friend then contact me if not have a nice life
i have no time for fakers and haters

i move to the swiftness of my mind
and the sharpness of my toungue
love is hate
as hate is love
you can not hate unless u have loved and vice versa
Current Mood: lAiD bAcK!.!.!.!

23rd August 2006

1:39pm: hmmout
was good everybody im bored and i forgot bout this site
damn peeps goin to college and shit but remember i graduate b4 yall
so muuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and i love yall so much i will give yall my number
hit me up yll 313 544 6330 especially u gloria long time no see

10th April 2006

12:04pm: its been a full week now
a full week and no happy birthday wishes
shows u who my real friends are well..............................................bye
Current Mood: dissapponted

29th March 2006

10:25am: im back finally got my password fixed
got my password fixed ever since antoinette changed it but does anyone wanna read what she writes that isnt posted online i will be posting them all week so get at me
i might be playing i might not be u gotta find out 4 your self
i got them all saved on my computer
Current Mood: i still dont give a fuk

22nd March 2006

11:11pm: idiot
im bored and sleepy and bored still.
7:02am: the scariest thing ever is when somethin happens to someone else.

19th March 2006

6:54pm: tsk tsk tsk
damn i was just venting and fuckin wit u but u r the reason that we arent friends not me and u knew what u were doing b4 it we even got together u used me for your own personal benefit u h8 when people mess with you yet you like to play with other peoples emotions like they dont matter and u claim to h8 fake people and you are really fake one minute its i love you i dont wanna be with anyone else while you are cheating happily and then its i love you but i never really wanted to be with you what the fuck are you on to think it works that way like i said you are soooooooo lucky i got control of my friends they are so crazy and all im gonna tell u andd your friends be careful of the snakes that are close to you i have been bit several times and let the venom collect untill i fainted real people know who real people r dont trust these fake people they are every where.

18th March 2006

2:46pm: my new motto FUCK HIKARU or ANTOINETTE or w/e u wnna call her
fuck her shit u wanna try to pin thsi shit on me loke im a horrible person fuck u
talkin bout all i got with u just to fuck i wa a fuckin virgin who didnt want to lose it but always talkin bout u horny and shit and u wanted me u got me in that room u told me to do it and u think im a bad person as my girl i put my morals and feelings aside to make u happy after that convo a sec ago u aint shit to me just another cheating 2 bit unfaithful sex fiending whore who needs to keep her legs closed
deandre u might want to check her to prolly fuckin someone else
what the fuck did u even have going on
u like like a craked out smurf
with claws for teeth
yall aint neva seen this side of me but she brung it out
i havent did shit like this in about 8 years but fuck it
damn ur head aint even good feel like someone swirling my dick in gravel old brick mouth nigga
fuck feelings u aint spare mine so fuck yours
u two pounds from being a predetermined crack whore this is only part one
wait for part 2
i wrote this a few days ago so fuck it
Current Mood: fuck u
12:06pm: fuck it
im pissed motto right now run up and get done up ask my bro he was laying on the floor faspin a second ago
im pretty much sayin fucke everyone that not a close friend to me
so matt and asia especially yall know where yall at wit me hit me up later ya know
but im pissed as fuck i aint gonna say y though so if i dont like u get the fuck back

16th March 2006

11:02am: rumors and truths and DAMN
hmmmmmmmm what the fuck shits been happenin since i been gone for a while and shit has changed a lot
well as all of yall know me and ant aint that perfect couple no more i got dropped bold as hell
so i was on the fuck the world rant. im still pissed though i just fucked up my ankle stomping a guy yesterday and what the fuck i hear about any and dre being caught i mean damn u fuckin up u gotta stay 5 steps ahead of the game remember that we might not be colll but u can use that
my life is fucked up with a good side i got me a ride or die check going back to my roots i got me a new 40 cal which i had for a 4 weeks and had to use 2 seperate times already and no i aint shoot no one
i say fuck the world
i lost my whole world once and if the shit happens again im going to jail but im not really a violent person
all im saying the nicest black female will prolly satb u in the back
so if ur dating a blackfemale get ya a ghetto chick at least they straight up honest bout everything
so to all that have done me wrong FUCK YOU and HAVE a NICE DAY. as my world spirals to an end less torrment all i got is my baby fuck the rest
and to antoinette im still pissed about u saying fuck me but what goes around comes around and i aint wishinnutthin bad on no one so dont thinki am

9th February 2006

7:03pm: Old habits...
Hey everyone. I know I haven't updated in awhile, guess old habits die hard. Anyway, not a whole lot to say really, setsuna and I are doing good, school is...well school, and I'm no longer lonely. So basically my days of long angsty post are gone...unless I get into that type of mood. well yep that's pretty much it. Oh and hikaru-chan, frih oui kad uvv mulgtufh, lymm sa cu fa lyh teclicc cusa drehkc. Un paddan oed, zicd lymm sa frih oui kad y lryhla, fhelrajan fungc pacd vun oui.
Current Mood: bored

28th January 2006

8:56am: life is a depressing mess
there is no chance for true happiness someone please just shoot me now get it over with

27th January 2006

11:31pm: o well
life is a sad immortal pit af dismay and empty promises i dont need anyone in my life i guess i was one of the street and the code is once a thug always a thug and there aint no love for a thug so thats my motto now my ex baby didnt want me so im now back in the sea secluded from the others as my world is now over my sun has cracked and my moon faded as i rest on a empty idea and thought all i wanted to be was happy since i cant all i want is to be isolated from the world all i want is to suffer in my own misery and roll in my own dispare as the clock turns the more i convince myself that i dont care matter of fact i dont care anymore i still love her with my whole heart it just wasnt enough she said it would make her happy to be without me so i sacrificed my oown happiness so she could be if that aint love then what is i just want to go to sleep and not wake up for a few years and forget all about this and go back to being alone no one else to be around i hate the way i feel i hate this situation but i guess she just didnt want me....i guess i will get back with nacara
Current Mood: screw the world

23rd January 2006

8:19pm: Hello again:
Hello everyone it's Riku, making my first post of the new year. So much has happened in ths short amount of time it's hard to believe it been only a little over a month. Well to begin, I am no longer single. Being single is nice, but being single for 2-3 years whilst hanging out with a lovey dovey couple can slowly drive you mad. So I am happy to say that setsuna and I are now together, and that today is our one month anniversary. I'm hoping that there are many, many, more.

I'm here at work trying to pass the time til my shift is over. It's slow,but nice and peaceful. Wish I could've done something special for our anniverary, but instead I'm here, typing, wishing I was with her, doing something that ends in "ing". *sigh* Oh well...c'est la vie...

Well goodnight everyone, I am going to discontinue the jokes because I'm tired of getting comments saying that they're stupid from a certain someone whom shall remain nameless....*cough*rika*cough*cough*cough*, so for those of you who liked the jokes, you know who to blame. So for now I leave you with this piece randomness, brought to you by kiba and yours truly, riku.

What if superman had to fight someone who could piss kryptonite?

Let that marinate a moment....good now create your own jokes,give that imagination a work out, have fun.

Oh and one last thing before I go....



g'night mina-san!
Current Mood: cheerful

17th January 2006

2:25pm: a yall i was bored this is kiba so yall know so i changed the page tell me what yall think

14th December 2005

7:43pm: ........
My mind has been a bundle of confusion ever since the start of this acursed week...These thoughts I've been having are so annoying and depressing and confusing and painful....I just want it to stop....
Current Mood: confused

8th December 2005

8:09pm: Holy Balls...
Just....Damn...yesterday....yesterday was just the day from hell. It all started when I walked into work last evening. The lab was packed, the overflow section was almost full, and nothing wanted to work right....and when I say nothing I mean nothing. I was dealing with tired, cranky, and impatient people just about all evening. Well I got home I was beat...super beat. I was so tired my eyes were so bloodshot, it loked like I was getting pink eye....well anyway I should go...work to do...see ya.
Current Mood: exhausted

30th November 2005

6:53pm: Hustle and Bustle (Return of the jokes)
Well it's been a very busy evening here in the Stic, the lab was almost full on both sides when I came in, and even now their are people on both sides, Tonight we're having a new student orientation and I've been helping where I can. I'm typing this as I get chances to actually sit and type.

*looks up and seems more people*

Damn...I might be staying late tonight....pray for my soul my friends...

Here's your joke:

Shirts Off

A woman sat on a plane heading for New York, when the pilot annouces that because of difficulties with the plane's engines, he must make an emergency landing. The woman, fearing that this may be the end of her life looks over to a man sitting next to her and rips her shirt and bra off, and throws herself on him. "Make me feel like a woman again!" she screamed. So the man rips his shirt off and hands it to her. "Here you go, you crazy bitch, iron this."

Help me...
Current Mood: stressed

28th November 2005

7:23pm: Same Shit Different Day

Not to mention tired, cranky, and just a bit hungry. Today was just well...blah. nothing interesting happened it was basically just business as usual. Only an hour left to endure until I can go home. God I hate my schedule...
Current Mood: bored

23rd November 2005

6:40pm: LQ
I decided to take that lonliness quotient test and so here are my results:

Your Personalized Assessment Report:
A score of 52 is certainly not the best, underscoring a definite need for improvement. Your loneliness appears to be rather high, and this ought to be addressed. You could help yourself by working on your relationships with friends. There is room for improvement in this area. Luckily in your case, your family situation is not causing you any troubles. A positive family situation is definitely helpful. Things look much more bleak in your romantic life. Making improvements here by finding a good girl can drastically cut your level of loneliness. Some shyness is evident in you and must be overcome in order to make friends and find true love. Compounding the shyness problem is the lack of people in your area who you can get along with. It's difficult, but you must look that much harder to find people to interact with. On a final note, there seem to be some insecurity issues that you need to work through. Improving self-esteem will aid you in lowering your LQ.

I'm not surprised really...are you?
Current Mood: apathetic

17th November 2005

6:34pm: Thoughts
There are many things one is able to think about and concentrate on when they're not in a relationship. At times being single is a good thing, but being single for too long can drive a person crazy. I can feel it happening slowly within my self, through some of the thoughts that have been drifting in and out of my mind as of late.
Reminders of things from the past. Questions that have no living person has answers to. Analyzing my life so far and pondering how much more time I'll spend on this planet. I sometimes wonder if I've wasted precious time doing some of the things I've done. Time is neverending, time flows forever forward, and even though you carry memories you can never relive those parts of your life, no matter how much you wish you could....
Dreams can sometimes be very cruel...they can remind you of things that you don't like remembering and don't like thinking about. My dreams are never pleasent, they're either weird, horrific, or painfully nostalgic. The last good dream I had was years ago....maybe I'm due for another....
At times it feels as though lonliness is something that is now just a part of me. It seems as though lonliness and this empty feeling will always be with me and won't let go. Even when I'm with my friends I still sometimes feel this emptiness inside me that won't go away. I ask myself why I feel this way and I cannot answer. I ask myself if these feelings will ever go away, the reply is the same. Am I destined to be alone? Is there really someone for me out there? Will I ever know a woman in any of the intimate ways you can know one? ....Hell, will I ever even get my first kiss? All these questions recieve the same answer...silence.

It's very quiet now...The lab is empty...almost as empty and quiet as my heart feels. The only sounds are the sounds of my typing and the occasionaly tick of the clock. I leave soon to go home and sleep. tomorrow will be a new day and maybe it will bring something to be happy about, but I'm not getting my hopes up, I'm too used to disappointment....
Current Mood: melancholy

16th November 2005

6:42pm: 360
All the gamers out there already know about the major event occuring November 22,2005. For those not in the know, on the previously mentioned date the Xbox 360 will be released and available to the general public. I shall not be one of the many people trying desprately to claim one for my own on lauch day for a few simple reasons:

1.) I don't like big crowds like that. It is quite possible that something might happen in a crowd that will, undoubtedly, be huge.

2.) I did not reserve one so I'm not even gonna have a chance at buying one before the first of the year.

3.) I have friends at a Gamestop that have invited me to play the 360 at one of their houses after the launch day.


4.) I've played the 360, know how sweet it is, and am willing to wait to get one.

Well enough of that. Today has been...well it was decent. I'm at work as usual, a very calm smooth evening thus far. However it is 7:22 and I already wish I was elsewhere like...at hikaru-dono's...or at home...but here I sit...working on my final research paper for english. My life seems to be passing by so quickly...time is such a unforgiving thing....
Anyway...I should get back to my paper so, here's your joke.

A middle aged woman lived alone except for her pet, a male parrot. The woman was very proud of her parrot because it would sit in the bottom of its cage, cross its wings, and pray. She was also a devout church goer and would often brag to the congregation about her faithful parrot.
One day the women was boasting about her parrot's prayers. An older gentleman was simply amazed by this. ''I have a female parrot and she's just terrible. My son raised her and all she does is curse. She's the most foul mouthed creature I've ever heard,'' he sighed. ''Maybe if we put my parrot with your parrot he would teach mine how to pray and stop cursing so much.''

The woman readily agreed to this and a few days later the gentleman brought his parrot by. The woman's parrot sat praying in the bottom of the cage as they placed the female inside with him. The parrot instantly stopped praying, hopped up, looked the female over and shouted, ''Hot damn!! This is what I've been praying for!!''

and one more

A husband said to his wife, "I will take a photo of your breasts and frame it ."
The wife said to her husband, "I will take a photo of your penis and enlarge it."

Current Mood: calm

12th November 2005

11:19am: Death to the Common Cold
Hello one and all, it is I Riku once again. Due to a bout with a cold that agrivated my asthma, I've been bedridden since tuesday night. This means that I didn't get to go to school or work for two days, which also means reduced pay and work to make up. I'm in the very last stage of it now, you know with the hacking and spitting...but anyway I digres. The best thing is I'm up and around again which means I'm finally able to update and chat online. Yay! Well I think I'll do something I've missed doing, web surfing! So here's your joke.

The Four Ghosts of the White House

One night, George W. Bush is tossing restlessly in his White House bed. He awakens to see George Washington standing by him Bush asks him, "George, what's the best thing I can do to help the country?"

"Set an honest and honorable example, just as I did," Washington advises, and then fades away

The next night, Bush is astir again, and sees the ghost of Thomas Jefferson moving through the darkened bedroom. Bush calls out, "Tom, please! What is the best thing I can do to help the country?"

"Respect the Constitution, as I did," Jefferson advises, and dims from sight...

The third night sleep still does not come for Bush. He awakens to see the ghost of FDR hovering over his bed. Bush whispers, "Franklin, What is the best thing I can do to help the country?"

"Help the less fortunate, just as I did," FDR replies and fades into the mist...

Bush isn't sleeping well the fourth night when he sees another figure moving in the shadows. It is the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Bush pleads, "Abe, what is the best thing I can do right now to help the country?"

Lincoln replies, "Go see a play."

Good Day to you all!
Current Mood: cheerful
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